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My name is Tricia and I am the creator of Cura, a handmade cream used to treat eczema and nourish skin. Within days of my daughter's birth I noticed eczema flare-up around her neck and inside her elbows.  I initially turned to an over the counter cream that promised immediate relief, however, after researching the effects that repeated steroid use would have on my newborn baby, I knew that I could not continue usage.  I began researching more about eczema, skincare, and nutrition, and decided upon a holistic approach to my daughter's skincare needs.  


What makes Cura particularly special for me, is that the ingredients were given to me in a dream.  Upon waking up from the dream, I wrote down the ingredients, purchased everything and made the formulation.  Thus, Cura was born!  I began using Cura on my 2-month-old baby and noticed a difference in her skin almost immediately and she has used it ever since! The great part is that she no longer experiences itchy skin, and she rarely has eczema breakouts.   


My daughter is now 9 years old and has beautiful, smooth, and scar-free skin. I am SO happy to share Cura with you, so that you too can achieve the same amazing results that my daughter has! 

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